Respect goes a long way. Thank You Mother.

Anyu (Mom) … hm … I cannot describe the feeling I have inside. I don’t know what is the right word, what is the right WAY to say how much I thank you … I cannot find the words, THE word … so I just close my eyes, I take a deep look at my heart and I smile … and I feel it … I feel happiness, I feel joy, I feel pride, I feel strength, I feel free. I came to understand the meaning of life, the meaning of happiness. You gave me love. You loved me, love me through everything; good and bad, you stood by me no matter what and you did it with a smile on your face, and said: it is ok there is no problem, start again. You raised me to understand what it means to be kind, to give, what it means to respect, to appreciate and WHY. You taught me the meaning of love. You showed me what unconditional love is. You are the reason of what I AM and who I AM. You gave me a reason to look forward; you gave me a reason to be, to live and why I should never give up. You told me to be happy; to take my time because it takes a second to make a mistake and sometimes our whole life is not enough to make up for it. You taught me to listen with my heart and understand. I came to understand the definition of happiness, what love can do and what it can create. How I face what life brings me, will lead me to who I am and who I want to be. All I have to do is, to be honest with myself, and do it with kindness, respect and a smile and never stop moving and growing. My actions will take me there. Actions will always speak louder than words because actions are what everyone CAN understand. Actions speak the same language in the Whole World.