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Strength In "I" Attitude


Self-Respect allows us to connect to happiness, which leads us to caring. Caring comes from listening that releases love and LOVE releases the heat in our hearts to guide us to create. When we are connected to ourselves we FEEL the beat in our hearts. Caring is food for the heart and is born in honesty. Denial suffocates love and that blocks us from being happy. When we choose to stay true to ourselves we can connect to our true self and our true self connects us to LOVE. “I” is the most valuable possession all around the World. It holds the most powerful heat that heals the Heart and releases all the joy in our hearts to become happy where we begin to heal and realize that there is just not enough time to LIVE. Heart spreads the love that becomes the strength that triggers the right power to guide us and to keep going to bring the love that creates limitless possibilities and brings solutions.

The source for good energy to keep the mind strong and healthy comes from support. We have to support the heart by choosing to MAKE the TIME to take care of ourselves and choosing the positive over the negative.

Respect creates the act of caring and caring creates an unconditional LOVE.
Love is an ACTION that speaks the same language in the Whole World and is FELT in the Heart to Light the way.

Always Respond with Respect and Kindness.

Evolve. Keep learning and keep growing.

Don’t just struggle to survive, learn to live. Learn to let go and FEED yourself with honesty to boost your strength to move you. There are always going to be challenges. We all have feelings of being lost, doubts, pain, anger, confusions, fear, disappointments or betrayals. We all go through same emotions and it is up to each of us to either become strong or a bitter and empty person. Respecting the TRUTH is a major life-supporting part in the heart. Accept your feelings and face it. Turn it into a reason to look forward by choosing to be the better and the stronger person to move forward to become the person YOU ARE. Emotions hold the direction to living life. They teach us to learn to feel, so we can understand the feelings of joy and pain where we can connect to appreciation and feel the importance of honesty and giving respect, kindness, love, joy and caring to create happiness.

When our emotions are lost, traumatized or confused it is very easy to loose hope and to become trapped. Holding onto the negative energy and thoughts are very toxic. Negative harms the emotions and drains the good energy and stops us from living and being happy. It gives poison to the mind and heart where caring stops, and we disconnect from a life where love is blocked and growth stops. Negative mindset drains the good energy where strength becomes weak and ignorance takes over where we become empty.

We have to educate ourselves if we want to live. To become happy we have to learn to listen with our hearts so we can understand. With understanding, we educate ourselves to become and that helps us to help others, and by helping others we help ourselves. Education is in giving. It helps us to see and feel. Giving leads us to understand when we learn to know to care. This becomes the most valuable and powerful knowledge that brings solutions.

The only person, who has control over Your Life, is YOU. Don’t get trapped in a lie, stay true to yourself and strive forward even if it is just baby steps, just keep going. Your choices charge your own energy, and YOU are the one responsible of becoming who and how you are. Don’t fear emotions, they hold the direction of becoming the true you. Age, color, sexual orientation, religion, situations, titles are not an excuse. Always give respect and care no matter what, no matter who and no matter where. Life rotates. Giving care gains love, and gaining love gives care.


“I” is the most powerful possession all around the World.
Accept what is good and let go of what is not, walk away. Do good, push yourself and allow honesty to light the way.

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