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AIMGames provides a solid platform for game publishers. We partner with all types of companies, starting from home-born start-ups & individuals to fortune 500 gaming companies. Our mission is to empower and encourage everyone to pursue their passion, and – at the same time, give creators the opportunity to earn, by listing their games on our platform. 

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The Process

We make sure that the on-boarding process is smooth and hassle free and transparent, for both parties involved, so you can focus on what you do best.  To start the process, all you have to do is, follow the 4 steps below!

We are gathering a list of passionate gaming authors, who are willing to go above and beyond with their creations. 

After the submission of your games  – we will carefully review all the aspects of the game to make sure that is transparent, safe, and up to standards.

After the review process, we discuss the business-related aspects, so we can form a solid business relationship. 

Finally, we list your game on our platform, where you’ll have exposure to our young audience.

And Life Begins

CREATE immersive Experiences

We encourage creative thinking and we embrace the change. We would like to see immersive and interactive games, providing an opportunity for both entertainment and learning, at the same time. Our core brand is what aspires AIMGames, so the soul of the brand, and the message should be a part of your creations.

Clear up your doubts

frequently asked questions

We partner with all types of companies, starting from home-born start-ups to fortune 500 gaming companies. We strike deals with publishers, which benefits both parties and also gives them the chance to showcase their creative work.

AIMGames is currently in BETA phase; we will start listing the games, as soon as we’ve a handful of partners on board.

The process is simple. Join our waiting list > we review your games > we discuss  the terms > we list the game

The process is simple; we provide either download links to other credible sources, or host the files on our end.

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