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Where Passion Meets Respect. The Positive State Of Mind That Generates Emotional Energy.
We are here to awaken mankind and help humanity rise up to reach its full potential. We AIM to steer mankind in the right direction, lighting their passion as a BEACON for the world. We exhort humanity to move forward and bring meaning to every life.

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Welcome To The World Of Impetus; AIM ATTITUDE.
The Culture Of Self-Respect.

AIM ATTITUDE teaches people how to realize and appreciate their self-worth, and the basic, but key points which help us as humans to grow and create our dreams, achieve our goals and move forward to reach extraordinary heights. We have to push ourselves forward and create good habits that free our emotions. It is our belief system and actions we choose that shapes us and defines us, directing us onto our own lifestyle we are going to live, or just struggle to survive.

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Awaken Your True Self And Put your HEART To Work. Become The Master Of Your Craft.

Every individual is important and plays a huge role in society. AIM Attitude is much more than just about displaying an upbeat attitude or being happy. AIM Attitude help build skills and create real value in one’s life to strengthens mental strength and face challenges. AIM Attitude pushes your emotions forward and strengthens your belief to help you overcome emotional barriers and help you stay focused on achieving your aim. AIM Attitude strengthens our mental and emotional strength and allows us to keep going and moving forward.

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Aim Education

Identity, Individuality, Integrity. “Dreaming Is The Catalyst To Living Life”. Let Me Show You The Way – Anita Miklovicova, Founder of AIM ATTITUDE

I want to end emotional and mental abuse – PERIOD. Using and abusing others’ emotions, “trust,” and “kindness,” just to feed our “needs” is wrong. We must educate ourselves to respect others’ emotions and instill discipline and control on our own, so we can develop emotional strength that allows the mind to grow and move forward to create good. We have to go beyond our needs and set ourselves free from being controlled by our “needs.” As humans, we can be in control, as soon as we learn to push our emotions to become independent. Allowing ourselves to evolve, we make room for growth, which strengthens the mind and emotions, as well as our ability to adapt to changes. By using our “desire” and “dreams,” and letting those emotions manifest into the mind, we can create positive thinking and foster a more positive mindset. The positive state of mind pushes out the negative emotions and detaches us from “needs” that we think we must satisfy, which allows the emotions to develop and move forward to evolve and become better and stronger. We must allow ourselves to live free in the now with dignity.

Every person is responsible for their own happiness, but striving towards happiness is hard work. Hard work teaches us how to understand the choices that we make and actions that we take, and their repercussions. We create values, give gratitude, and have appreciation for others to allow the mind to recognize the positive and the negative actions and choices that help us maintain our integrity.

Life is about growing, and we must grow, and be better. In order to grow, we must learn to feed our emotions with truth and love. We must accept our true feelings and guide our emotions forward to ensure that the mind can build mental strength and have a clear direction to build on and grow. Believing in your emotions allows the passion to manifest within your mind. Truth helps your mind to stay focused on your goals and pull your emotions forward to create and build with purpose.

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The World Is Your Ocean And The Ocean Is Your Emotion. Dive Into Your Ocean So You Can Learn To Thrive With Your Emotion.

Here is to the DREAMERS and the BELIEVERS. Evolve. Keep learning and keep growing. Imagine. Use your imagination to help you direct your mind forward and keep your mind busy so you can channel your emotions into creating and doing good to help you move forward.

We all feel and sometimes we can be overwhelmed by our emotions. A positive mindset is a foundation of achieving success. In a way, humans are a computer-like; we must feed ourselves with knowledge and information in order to live and stay up to date and be able to adapt to changes to maintain healthy growth. We feed our mind and emotions with words and our actions we choose to help us feel better.

AIM Attitude converts the bad energy into light that increases its luminescence gradually, becoming a lighthouse of positivity. It illuminates a clear path, the only path for your mind to take. AIM Attitude prevents the negative energy from attacking the mind and heart, blocking us from living life. Supporting the mind with emotions filled with passion is a path to a positive living that gives back to humanity to help others grow.

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AIM Movies

The True Works Of Art, Come From The Heart. Put Your HEART To Work.

AIM attitude possesses a very powerful energy that has the ability to find the way. The message teaches everyone to take responsibility for their lives and move forward, and this message resonates with everyone regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation: it is about aiming for a positive attitude and becoming a better you. 

AIM attitude operates the engines of the mind and emotions, and always moves with a great force in gaining the advantage. AIM ATTITUDE ignites the energy to access life. Positive attitude acts as a pure fuel that generates positive energy and creates positive actions that help us respond with love, ultimately turning surviving into living. Everyone has a story to tell. People are the story. Let our “I” illuminate the World.

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AIM Fitness

Every Person Is Unique And Such Uniqueness Can Greatly Contribute To The World!

We inspire and empower everyone to use the power of positive thinking. Thoughts lead to choices, and choices lead to actions. No one is exempted in facing a lot of difficulties in life. Every person is given a set of tests to pass in each phase of life. We might be on a bit the same kind of challenges and the only change that makes our experiences different from that of others is the way we deal with situations.

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Push Your Emotions And Mind Forward.

Being honest to our emotions, the mind sends a clear signal to the heart and soul, becoming a force of energy called: AIM ATTITUDE. The health benefits of AIM Attitude include eliminating anxiety, fatigue, doubts, depression, negative thinking, self harm, rage, anger and many of its sources, providing pure fuel to the heart and soul to invite love and truth, helping the brain function properly along the way.

AIM Attitude plays a vital role in emotions, feelings, thoughts and imagination treating happiness, dreams, desire, passion, creativity, success, and many other feelings to help your emotions develop and the mind to grow. AIM Attitude disciplines our emotions and blocks the negative thoughts, preventing our emotions from falling into a negative stage of thinking. In order to support our well being and be able to adapt to changes, we have to take care of our emotions and mind. For example: food triggers our way of thinking, behaving, and our level of energy. AIM Attitude uses healthy eating to help manifest positive energy, which allows our emotions and our minds to adjust and adapt to challenges and changes, helping you move forward.

By taking care of our emotions and paying attention to healthy eating and clean food, we allow the emotions to detach from negative energy, helping our passion and desires to come to fruition. Healthy food becomes the supportive energy, which allows our emotions and our minds to collide, creating a “clear path” to achieving and becoming your aim. Food is the nourishment of your soul, sights, and senses, which is why you should prioritize your personal health and consumption wherever possible. With food that is clean and good for you, you can establish an unwavering AIM Attitude that positions you for positive clarity and success in this lifetime.

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Aim Comic

Allow Your Mind To Grow So Your Emotions Can Develop.

The world population is growing, and human behavior impacts almost every aspect of our lives. All human beings feel and dream. We must connect those emotional threads and awaken our collective soul. We must teach ourselves to pay attention to our feelings and allow our emotions to develop, in order to allow our minds to grow. We have to allow our emotions to educate our minds so that our emotional selves can work in conjunction with our minds to instinctively recognize the negatives and positives in our surroundings.

To help us move forward, we must exude positive energy to maintain a strong and steady increase in emotional development and mental growth. Life is growth, and growth only comes through change. We must grow with change and allow our emotions to develop so that we can become our true selves. When we evolve, we form our identity, our individuality, and our level of integrity. Our emotions help to teach us how to care. They guide us forward on the path of life so that we can learn to create with love. The mind begins to build quality tools that allow us to give back and help others grow and stay focused on their own personal aim. The knowledge and information that we possess must always be passed on to future generations.

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Aim Games

Don’t Believe The Stereotypes – They just simply aren’t true! Video games aren’t a waste of time, they’re not mindless, and they’re certainly not unproductive. In fact, AIMGames believes just the opposite! Video games are powerful tools that can help children develop the proper mental, emotional, and even psychological skills that is necessary to live a happy, mentally healthy life.

AIMGames – When it comes to game development, we’re focused on designing games that carry an educational, psychological, and emotional weight, so that children can gain the critical problem solving skills that they’ll use later in life through puzzle-based and creatively challenging games specifically designed to help them expand and grow their minds. When it comes to the benefits of video games, educational video games, brain games, and puzzle-based games are excellent ways for children to boost their critical thinking and begin to look at challenges in a more abstract way, so that they can come to more innovative solutions and make more creative decisions – both in video games and in life.

We partner with leading game development companies to seamlessly align our purpose with our products. Together, we’re bringing AIM Attitude to the world of video games, so that children can begin to strategically position themselves for success in all that they do.

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