Behind the Motto

Behind The Forward Attitude

The Essence of Life

Everyone encounters ups and downs in life, and makes decisions based on those moments. At AIM ATTITUDE, we invest in people and educate about the power within all of us, because we care deeply about mankind’s destination. We believe that life is built on giving, acceptance, appreciation, responsibility, respect, honesty and kindness.

We are ALL creators

Learn To Love

Our job in life is to become and serve.

Learn To Give Back

The purpose of life is to create tools for use for people to help mankind create and grow.

Learn To Share

The meaning of life is to love and care.


Attitude ABSORBS and FEEDS on what YOU allow in and what YOU give out.
Your attitude allows you to be the plus or the minus.

Choose To Be

The + and NOT the -

Caring creates energy and energy creates love and love creates LIFE.

Life is where the heart beats and where the attitude is found. Attitude is a very powerful energy, it is what controls your positive or the negative energy. There are always going to be obstacles, repeatedly choose strength by choosing to be the better person and by using the language of growth. Revive yourself by accepting what is good and let go of what is not. Draw strength from HONESTY and always give love, respect, and kindness to others.

Philosophy of life
Comic Art

Stay True to your heart and choose to trust yourself. FEEL everything you do with your heart, in your heart. Draw strength from honesty. LOVE is like water, you must feel it, it allows you to see beyond what the eyes can’t see.

Water can be seen but judged easily. Many perspectives on just water are good and bad stories. Once you FEEL the water, a lot of stories are changed, because the feeling is more factual than viewing. We all have eyes, but eyes can deceive us, but the feeling is rare… few can master it and understand the TRUTH.

- Jacqueline Viznhay

Discover The FORWARD Attitude

The source of energy is YOUR RESPONSE. Learn to see with your heart; don’t panic, don’t rush, and don’t judge right away. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and ears and just listen, hear the sound of YOUR HEART, and FEEL everything. Allow the truth to pull you through. To FEEL, you must KNOW, and to KNOW, you must FEEL. Be patient! Teach yourself and use your TIME to create LOVE. Everything blooms in time with patience to create the value that is worth living with. Your HEART was given to you to listen and accept your hearts calling and create the person you are meant to be so that you can become LOVE. With love, we create and spread positive energy that gives SERVICE and GUIDANCE, which builds respect and a value that’s needed to help humanity move forward and maintain growth. Give back the knowledge you have and share what you learn.

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