Respect is Mandatory

AIM attitude- a code, a set of rules and guidelines teaching us to drive forward, over insecurities and obstacles. A set of rules that inspires positive mental attitude and teaches that stance to overcoming emotional barriers.

Every person AIMs

We all create ourselves. We all use our “I” to strive towards a goal and become the I AM.

We, as human beings, are in a constant state of growth, whether we choose to accept it or not. Life is always growing, and it only comes through change. Change is never easy. It requires transformation, and it does not get easier; it gets better. We create bad habits to give us that false sense of security for our restless minds, and those bad habits are like chains; keeping us bound to a routine we have created just to survive.

We have to push ourselves forward and create good habits that free our emotions. It is our belief system and actions we choose that shapes us and defines us, directing us onto our own lifestyle we are going to live, or just struggle to survive.

The AIM Attitude compels you to recognize the positive and the negative feelings, to maintain healthy emotional development, and to keep moving forward.

AIM attitude educational and inspiration Books & eBooks are for people from all walks of life. Their purpose is to propel our emotions forward. AIM attitude is a guiding rod to well being. It was created to help mankind develop and grow to move forward and help maintain healthy emotional development. AIM attitude educates, empowers and inspires individuals in the ways of the “how” to overcome emotional barriers to help mankind evolve. AIM attitude encourages individuals to keep going, to DREAM and to make those dreams become reality. Dreaming is the catalyst to living life. Create Yourself.

Life is growth and growth only comes through change. We need to evolve and be better so we are able to adapt and maintain our healthy emotional development and mental growth to ensure a fulfilling life.

Learn The Language Of

Teach self-respect






To live life and be happy, we must learn to let go so our emotions can flow, and look forward so our mind can grow. We must allow knowledge to enter our minds, which is going to push out arrogance and rage that’s preventing positive feelings from entering. That gained knowledge is going to free our emotions to adapt and adjust to change, which enables our minds to understand our feelings, and push us forward, while focusing on positive actions, to maintain our well being.

Life is not about color, sexual orientation or religion; it is about how we interact with each other and the respect we give to one another. Learn to grow, so you can adapt to change and move forward.

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