Anita Miklovic


I want to help people by teaching them how to understand their emotions. My main goal is to show people how they can use those emotions to their maximum benefit. Once humans possess that understanding, we are going to evolve and become unstoppable. Let the Truth and Love of AIM spread into every corner of the world. We can do so much better than just struggle to survive. I want people to learn to feel everything, so they can learn to live through their heart and find their purpose. I want people to have ambitions and goals in their life, so that they can foster a better understanding of the impact respect, honesty, kindness, responsibility, and discipline can make on their lives. These elements teach us to appreciate each other and treat each other with positive actions.

To The World Of Impetus


The Culture Of Self-Respect

Create Yourself

Don't Give Up On Yourself, AIM Forward

Our AIM, Is The Path Of Life.
AIM Attitude; Is The Beacon That Illuminates The Path Of Life.

The Language Of Understanding Our Emotions

I want to help people by teaching them
how to understand their emotions.

The Culture Of Self Respect

Every individual is important and plays a huge role in society. Positive thinking is much more than just about displaying an upbeat attitude or being happy. The truth is, positive thoughts can help build skills and create real value in one’s life.

Invest In Your Heart

We aspire to unify the world in wellbeing, by injecting LOVE into mankind's consciousness.

Become Your True Self

AIM obliterates doubt into dust. The walking human signifies the power of the individual spirit and intellect.

AIM To Be Better

AIM ATTITUDE teaches people how to realize and appreciate their self-worth, and the basic, but key points which help us as humans to grow and create our dreams, achieve our goals, and move forward to reach extraordinary heights.


AIM ATTITUDE, The Philosophy Of Life.
Unleash your passion to awaken your soul. CREATE your purpose and move forward to reach extraordinary heights.

Love Yourself

We have to push ourselves forward and create good habits that free our emotions. It is our belief system and actions we choose that shapes us and defines us, directing us onto our own lifestyle we are going to live, or just struggle to survive.


We all have an AIM, and we all choose a direction.
Connect to your emotions to empower your “I” to create a force,
so your mind can build the I AM. Create Yourself.

The Philosophy Of Life

Life was given to us to experience and learn, so we can feel and allow ourselves to grow to choose our purpose and help others grow. The purpose of life is to create tools ....

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