Anita Megami

Goddess of Impetus


Meet: The Master of Emotions

Abishek Mikhael

right Hand of Anita Megami


Meet: The Master of Emotions

I: The Spirit Guide

Father “Impetus” sends down one of his angel guards to Earth to give birth to a child in the mortal world. The child will grow up in the mortal world, so that she can become the spirit guide for humanity and help mankind rise.

Her Purpose: To Bring Faith Back Into Humanity

I, the Spirit Guide, appear when kids, teens, or adults have a desire, a dream, a passion, or even a doubt that speaks to their emotions. I, The Spirit Guide, always appear when the “dreamers” and the “believers” need someone to talk to and are in a need of help or guidance. I, The Spirit Guide, help individuals see the light and continue to believe, to create, and build with purpose.

The Master Teacher

Anger, Rage, Desire, Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Nervousness, Depression, Self-Doubt, Self-Pity, Sadness, Mood Swings, Guilt, Fear, Hope, Peace, Dreams, Passion, Love, Calmness, Happiness, Insecurities, Frustrations, Joy – Welcome To The World Of Impetus.

Spirit Guides in the mortal world:  Respect is Mandatory

AIM Attitude – A code, a set of rules, and guidelines that teach us to drive forward, so that we can overcome our insecurities and the obstacles that we face. A set of rules that inspires positive mental attitude and helps individuals overcome emotional barriers.

Traveling with the speed of light, bringing faith to every human being.

Bringing truth and love to awaken the soul and help mankind grow and move forward.

Bringing peace
And Showing ways
in which humanity can rise up.

Bringing faith back into peoples’ lives, teaching respect, discipline, and love.

Bringing revolutionary change, and unleashing people's passions and dreams.

Anita Megami's Superpowers

Senses and feels others’ emotions.

Knows and feels when emotions are going through changes and appears when someone is in a need of help.

Numbs and paralyzes the ones who hurt and abuse the positive emotions of others.

Anita’s powerful positive emotions create an armor around her, which protects her from any harm.


The Home to the Awakened Soul

Anita Megami and Mikhael Abishek are the guardian angels of the spirits. Anita, who is the goddess of Impetus, helps mankind rise and move forward with the help of Mikhael; Anita’s Ardor Guard.

Every human being is given an AIM to create and become the I AM. Respect is mandatory to awaken the emotions. When the emotions are going through changes I, the Spirit Guide, appears to help the emotions guide you to ensure that you keep moving forward and believe. When the respect is broken, I, the Spirit Guide, takes away the “abusers” to a facility called “The School of Life,” where they are given a second chance to re-AIM their direction. The facility is a place for them to learn and earn everything from the beginning on how to grow, heal, and create, so that they go on to build with purpose.

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