The Team

To Propel Humanity Forward

AIM to AWAKEN mankind and help humanity RISE UP.
Let the AIM ATTITUDE compel you to recognize TRUTH and LOVE, so we can live in the now with dignity.

The Forward Attitude

Is creating a culture of self-respect. Every action we take is a choice, whether it is to make ourselves feel or be better. AIM Attitude, The Forward Attitude, teaches us deep VALUES and HOW to respond to everyday events, with the help of the “The Key-Elements” of AIM Attitude’s core beliefs. These key elements SHOW YOU how self-respect helps you grow into a healthy mental and emotional well being, FEELING GOOD about yourself. AIM demonstrates how positive choices help you emotionally connect to your true self and help you live, enjoy the now, and move forward, achieving your full potential.

We all have an AIM, and everything starts with an AIM. We create ourselves, and we all use our "I" to strive towards a goal and become the I AM.

WHO do YOU CHOOSE to become?

Create Yourself.

AIM Attitude - “Live In The Now With Dignity.”

We aspire to unify the world in wellbeing,
by injecting LOVE into mankind's consciousness.


Rafe Klopotowski


As a writer, I often wrangled with writer’s block, doubt, and insecurities about my work. AIM obliterated all those into dust. The walking human signifies the power of the individual spirit and intellect, and that ever walking-figure
continues to inspire my work.


Peter Miklovic


We are here to decipher the language of understanding our emotions. We believe in peace, health, and happiness for all, and it all starts right here with each and everyone of us. "I" is the most powerful possession one can have. We are here to create love, through positive choices and positive actions to propel humanity forward.


Anita Miklovic

"Creator of AIM ATTITUDE"

Life is growth. Keep learning as you grow. The moment that we stop listening and caring, we become ignorant. Ignorance is nothing, but a lack of education. A lack of education invites trouble that breeds chaos. We start to use, abuse and hurt each other because we start missing information in our mind, ultimately stopping us from growing and moving forward. We have to learn to listen and care and allow our emotions to flow, so the mind can grow. Listening to our feelings is like a “compass” that helps us create and find ways to grow into a healthy and happy person. Adjust and adapt to challenges and changes with a forward-looking approach, always focusing on the solution. Everything is hard work; always show respect and appreciation. Honesty and respect are the key component elements in happiness.


The Forward Attitude

We are here to spread positive energy and promote positive actions, which create a healthy attitude at work, school, home, in relationships, and more. Positive attitudes fuel our engines; they fuel the “mind” and “soul” to awaken in us our true self. This allows us to take our lives in a positive direction and create limitless possibilities for solutions to build on and grow.

To Propel Humanity Forward

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