AIM, a full-scale, lifestyle consumer brand built on the principles of respect, integrity, kindness, selflessness, and above all, acceptance, is calling on every person out there to make a revolutionary life change in pursuit of a fuller, nicer life by following and adopting the AIM attitude.

Curated to be a platform that encourages everyone to be their best and most selfless self, by setting our wants and needs aside for the betterment of the community, AIM was created to be that safe-haven in a world dominated by ugly, negative news headlines, poor choices and poor attitudes.

“It’s no secret our world is in dire need of a platform like AIM, a site that promotes nothing but the best in people,” said Anita Miklovic, Founder and Owner of AIM. “We need a Brand that promotes Responsibility, Discipline, Respect, and Kindness, all rolled into one, for the duration of 2017. We developed this Brand to bring just that to people, and to encourage everyone to come together in a collective pursuit of the AIM attitude.”

AIM is comprised of the AIM attitude, AIM community stories, AIM teamwork, and AIM collectivism, applicable in any sized community, neighborhood, and greater nation. AIM is about communicating to people through positive actions by transmitting that positive energy and that they CAN go the distance, they CAN reach their goals, and they CAN do it all with a can-do positive attitude while helping others up along the way.

“It is possible to set a goal, achieve a dream, and help others while working to achieve that dream – the three are not mutually exclusive, ”said Anita Miklovic“. That is exactly what we want to communicate in the New Year. Spread the word, and check out what it means to have an AIM attitude today.”