Where the heart beats there is life and where there is life there is both joy and pain. The truth about life… there was, is and always going to be a change and we must keep moving, growing, learning and adjust because it changes with or without us. All of us have an innate desire deep inside whether we choose to recognize it or ignore it. We all have a dream or a passion that burns within; we all have a true self. Yet often there are obstacles in our lives that keep us from connecting with and living our truth. Some of us are facing sickness, addiction, and grief. Some of us are struggling to overcome a negative environment. Some of us are simply fighting for self- acceptance. When we are not connected to that true self we often feel lost, we either tend to doubt ourselves or to blame the world around us. At these times it is essential that we take a step back and reflect upon our lives. It is important that we examine where we are in life, how we got there, whether we are living our authentic life, whether there are steps we can take to eliminate the obstacles that keep us from living our best kind of life. The AIM symbol is being honest with oneself, sitting and facing our reality and realizing that ultimately we are the ones who have the power to change our situation no matter what our obstacles may be. The AIM symbol represents the power of CHOICE. WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE. We can choose to not be ignorant; we can choose to acknowledge what is good for us and what is bad for us. We can choose to be better to ourselves, to listen to that voice within that can never be truly silenced. We can choose to move forward. Making change is not easy. Past experiences and influences, be they good or bad are often what lead us to the situations we find ourselves in. Coming to terms with pain is extremely difficult but making peace with the past and taking ownership of our pain can be the greatest investment we can ever make in our future. The AIM SYMBOL is designed to help us understand that we cannot compare ourselves to others. Each of us has our own story and our own path to follow. By listening to that inner voice we can begin to learn what is best for us but it starts with us being honest with ourselves. The AIM SYMBOL encourages us to keep going, to never give up on ourselves, to keep working on ourselves, to keep struggling to better ourselves because we are worth it and ultimately we owe it to ourselves. Simply listening to your HEART will empower you. TRUE STRENGTH COMES FROM THE HEART.