I AM THE FORWARD ATTITUDE August 13, 2013 — NYC, New York – THE FORWARD ATTITUDE is one of a peaceful, contented existence. Who abides by the slogan I AM THE FORWARD ATTITUDE exude strength of character and make the right moral decisions. The AIM ATTITUDE trademark represents life and all its good and bad circumstances. The AIM ATTITUDE SYMBOL features a man walking forward as the ‘I’ in AIM. The founder Anita Miklovic says that the reason the SYMBOL is in black and white is that it is up to each individual to rise and be great. The light color symbolizes the clarity of thinking and actions. The dark colors portray the obstacles we encounter walking through life. The power to rise above these obstacles is within all of us and AIM is here to unleash it, to turn darkness into light. “Life is an everyday challenge,” said the founder of the company Anita Miklovic, “and AIM is more than just motivation. It is a lifestyle brand for those who want to live positively and have joy, passion, and happiness in their lives.” The Takeaway: The slogan I AM THE FORWARD ATTITUDE means you embrace the belief that you can move past anything put in your path. You are all about having a ‘do not quit’ attitude and striving for greatness. The mission of the company is to empower people and push them to be the best. There will always be obstacles and it is up to you to become the better person and move forward from it. In a video on our website, Anita Miklovic shares the core elements of the brand. She believes true strength comes from the heart. You need to acknowledge the obstacles and move past them. She states that “AIM is about being a fighter.” Life is an adventure that can be a wonderful journey for us all. In its special way, AIM sets out to symbolize the good and the positive aspects of our lives through their inspirational T-shirts, caps and other merchandise. The AIM attitude is one to catch. Anita Miklovic had this to say about the brand, “Life is full of joys and sorrows and we can embrace that. Wear our brand with pride and dedication like a medallion, and live each day positively within this core belief system.” For more information, to learn more about AIM ATTITUDE, to order an inspirational T-shirt or to read up more on what sets AIM ATTITUDE apart, visit their website at www.aimattitude.com About AIM ATTITUDE: The AIM ATTITUDE feeds on the belief that positivity and honesty open doors for yourself and invites happiness. It is up to each person to strive to be better and have a forward-thinking mentality. AIM ATTITUDE is expanding into other areas besides merchandise and t-shirts. The AIM SYMBOL stands for honesty, integrity, courage, passion, respect, and acceptance.