AIM, a new, comprehensive lifestyle and thought-process redevelopment in pursuit of a positive, wholesome, and eye-opening attitude that will transform everyone into their best selves, is on a mission to mark a purpose in all of our lives in 2017 through shared support, positive attitude cultivation, and above all, friendship.

Developed to educate individuals on the importance of a positive attitude, and how it affects our work lives, our home lives, and our personal and parental lives, the AIM attitude is fixated on spreading the act of love and teaching everyone about the universal language of the AIM positive attitude.

“Attitude creates our belief system, which turns shapes our lifestyle, our activities, and our choices,” said Anita Miklovic, Founder and Owner of AIM. “With the right attitude, we can approach exactly how we react to a situation, how we develop a new direction, and how we interact with the people in our lives every single day.”

AIM was created to help people through guidance, support, education, and friendship. AIM’s founding principles encourage individuals to always think positively, and remember that even when a situation seems nearly impossible, we always have a choice to harness the AIM attitude.

“All too often, we’re swept off our desired path by other’s comments and negativity regarding our goals and dreams,” said Anita Miklovic. “We take a back seat to the perceptions and sour attitudes of society. With an AIM attitude, everyone will be able to drown out the noise, spread love and happiness, and achieve those goals through faith, belief, and insurmountable self-respect. Spread the word on the development of our lifestyle movement, and come adopt an AIM attitude today.”