AIM Attitude, a new, revolutionary lifestyle brand and imaginative company set on a mission to spread their core founding principles of kindness, positive actions, and positive approaches to everyone intent on making a difference, has positioned themselves to be the shining beacon of light in a world ravaged by negativity and doubt day-in and day-out.

Created to be an inspiring lifestyle movement that is applicable and usable anywhere and anytime, by anyone, AIM attitude can be applied to everything from the Olympic Games, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, the MLS, workplaces, LGBT, public and private schools, hospitals, to local and international charities set on helping communities worldwide with the limitless possibilities that AIM attitude has to offer.

“AIM ATTITUDE is a platform intent on spreading a message of universal positivity and connection about all else,” said Anita Miklovic, Founder and Owner of AIM attitude. “We’re here to spread awareness and facilitate the teaching of kindness, love, positive actions and positive approaches with regard to everything in our lives, both the good and the bad.”

AIM stresses that the choices we make create us and defines us as human beings in today’s world. Our choices dictate our way of life, how we set dreams, and how we achieve them. Both good and bad choices define our unique paths of lifestyle, and AIM stresses the importance of reaching for kindness while helping others along the way.

“We are a community that teaches the ACT of kindness, the act of honesty, and the act of respect,” said Anita Miklovic. “I know I speak for most everyone when I say we could use a little more inspiration and kindness in this world, which is why we’re encouraging everyone to visit our site, check out our commitments, and take aim at the future with confidence.” Self-respect leads to a high quality and extraordinary wealth!