AIM Attitude: A New Lifestyle Platform Teaching Everyone To Love Each Other

AIM, a brand-new, revolutionary lifestyle platform comprised of an AIM attitude, AIM guidelines for loving yourself and loving others, and a support team always ready to teach about self-respect, following dreams, and pursuing passions, is already deep into changing thousands of lives in pursuit of a more positive and fuller life.

First and foremost a brand that is all about teaching everyone to positively stand up for themselves in the face of adversity, discrimination, and negativity, AIM stands for the exact opposite: kindness, friendship, support, and integrity.

“We want everyone to know it’s possible to say no to hate and negativity and to do so in a kind way – a way that is so infectiously positive, it can’t help but draw others along for the revolutionary ride,” said Anita Miklovic, Founder and Owner of AIM. “This is a platform that encourages discourse, conversations about passions, and a communal bonding based on love.”

AIM wants everyone to know 2017 is the year to process and experience our emotions instead of bottling them up and responding to criticism with anger and hate. A true rejection of the saying “the good guy always finishes last,” AIM is here to teach people how to stand up for themselves while also embodying the purest forms of happiness and positivity.

“This is our world, our communities, and our neighborhoods, and as such, we need to be the shining light in a world consumed by distortion and unhappiness,” said Anita Miklovic. “When we ignore our dreams, our callings, and our passions, we slip into a debilitating depression that then causes us to act as a lesser form of ourselves. Don’t accept this kind of year ahead. Make the AIM commitment, and adopt an AIM attitude for health, happiness, and mental peace.”