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Anita Miklovic

Founded in 2011, the AIM ATTITUDE INC. was the vision of Anita Miklovic, passionate about carrying on the positivity and emotional support that her mother taught her. Sitting down to write a book in testament to her mother and her profound impact on everyone around her, Miklovic realized that the AIM ATTITUDE was much more than a book: it was a movement that she felt called to share with people around the world.

Born in Gulyas, Slovakia, Miklovic knew she was not destined to remain in one place her whole life. Enduring a unique upbringing and childhood that taught her to view life openly, constructively processing everything that came her way, Miklovic found her true inspiration in her mother – a visionary far ahead of her time.

Today, Miklovic travels the world, encouraging personal growth and the forward attitude that remains central to the AIM brand. Miklovic has been educating and supporting people on their quest for positive choices, action, and self-love since day one. She hopes to pass on this knowledge with as many people as possible, underlining the power of positive emotions today.

“I have learned that life is about CHANGE. If I want to be happy, I must grow with the change. How I respond to challenges defines who I am. Who I am and who I want to be are MY choices, it’s as simple as that. I now know that I ALWAYS have a choice. I choose self-respect and positivity today. I AM.”

Who I Am

Like everyone in the world today, I am not perfect. I will never be perfect! I cry, laugh, and scream. I feel. I experience pain and joy from things every single day, and I understand that life is growth, and growing is not an easy process. But that’s no excuse. What I give is what I create. Who I AM going to become and what I AM going to gain is completely my decision. There is a lot of power in “I,” and I realized that the second I started to stand up for myself. I gained the knowledge of AIM in choosing happiness, growth, and personal strength, despite any adversity. I help people through honesty and kindness, I spread the AIM love.

“Be yourself. LOVE whoever you want. Do what YOU truly enjoy. Give strength, love, joy, respect, and kindness to others, no questions asked. You are going to grow as an individual in return.”

Our Company

AIM ATTITUDE INC. is an inspirational and lifestyle brand that promotes a positive and forward-looking attitude. AIM was founded to guide people through their choices, educating them about the impact of their actions while underlining the importance of a positive mindset through it all. Healthy and positive goals are always attainable, if only you AIM for it. AIM wants YOU to be successful. AIM wants you to reach your full potential, with no restraints or negativity preventing you from achieving total fruition.

Our world is knitted together from a diverse fabric, comprised of different communities, cultures, histories, passions, and trends, weaving together to create what we know as life. No matter who you are, or where you come from, THE FORWARD ATTITUDE awaits you through AIM.

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AIM ATTITUDE, THE FORWARD ATTITUDE Is Character, Courage, and Integrity.

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