Lot of us live in fear where our belief, dreams are shattered, ignored because we are controlled and forced to live by others desire and for that reason we are unable to connect to our true self. Our hearts are broken and it sinks to the bottom of the darkness where it gets cold, and ice-cold hearts do not grow. We need to learn to stand up for ourselves and to heal the broken heart. We are not slaves, we all serve each other and without us, there is no life. We are all providers. What we give out and what we allow in, allows us to become and create.
How we care, respect and treat ourselves and others, creates our lifestyle. We all have the control of our own lives. Happiness starts with self-respect. The moment we give up on our own heart, we are not living, the heart starts to suffer, pain takes over and pain starts to control our choices and decisions where we are living in a shadow, where slowly we are poisoning our own heart left to die, where pain slowly starts to eat us up alive, and drags us down where we can fall into a very deep depression, and once depression takes over, we can start to pretend, cover up our true self and live a double life just to get by. Pain can become so unbearable that we start to hurt ourselves and others.

Learn to let go and learn to look forward.
Use pain as your strength to look and aim forward. Attitude begins in the heart. AIM’s focus is on the heart, the focus is on giving and providing to humanity. We want to help by bringing love, by treating people with respect and kindness. Love is the core to growth and the key to happiness. We worry about people living lives of stress, poverty, illness and disease. Our humanity project focuses on humanizing people and bring people back to our most basic roots. Love. Love is a central theme of the AIM message and it runs through the veins of EVERY human being. Where there is a lack of love there is pain. We want to bring the love back into peoples lives.

At AIM ATTITUDE, we HAVE an attitude of creating better lives for all of humanity. Our VISION of the World is one where people LIVE lives.


There are many people that go through hardship in their lives. Decisions are tough, heartbreaks, and mental anguish. We want to provide, we want to be there for you. No matter where you come from, no matter what your belief, no matter who you are, you have the right to be. We all have the right to be and with the right attitude, we can all get to where we want to be and how we want to be. Not all of us have the luxury of being loved, supported, and that’s ok. That is why AIM is here for you and cares about you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, AIM is right beside you. We go through it together and BUILD together. Keep going and keep doing.

Sometimes outside circumstances can break down a person’s mental health completely. These people could lean toward suicide thinking there is no way out or turn depressed and feel like the whole world is against them. Others take to anger and let out their hate on the world, sometimes harming or killing other innocent people.
At AIM ATTITUDE we find out what’s happening in these peoples lives and work to prevent them and aid for people when something bad happens. We will bring love back into the lives of people who are surrounded by negativity. When someone is facing a negative situation we can help them pick themselves up and lead a better life. Our humanity project is for everyone. Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself, and don’t be afraid to be who YOU ARE.

As we grow, we all gain knowledge and experience. I feel it is our responsibility to share and give back what we know, so we can help others to grow, create and live better.


AIM ATTITUDE aims in changing this world to a place where everyone can FEEL UNIQUE and the POWER of FREEDOM, a place where you don’t only dream of who you want to be, but actually becoming that person. The company itself, seeks to deliver timeless positive energy to support men, women, kids and anyone who is in need of help and love. AIM attitude speaks ONE language, and that language is LOVE!

AIM stresses that the choices we make creates us and defines us as human beings in today’s world. Our choices dictate our way of life, how we set dreams, and how we achieve them. Both good and bad choices define our unique paths of lifestyle, and AIM teaches the importance of reaching for kindness while helping others along the way.

“We are a community that teaches the ACT of kindness, the act of honesty, and the act of respect,” said Anita Miklovic. “I know I speak for most everyone when I say we could use a little more inspiration and kindness in this world, which is why we’re encouraging everyone to visit our site, check out our commitments, and take aim at the future with confidence.” Self-respect leads to a high quality of life and extraordinary wealth!

We ALL have a choice. We can CHOOSE to give up or we can CHOOSE to create a better life. There is an AIM inside all of us, and it is up to each of us how we use our aim.

“Where You aim and how You aim is where You land.”
Learn the direction in responsibility and the Life in I AM.
The way I AM dictates where I AM and who I AM.