Humanity's guiding light

Our purpose is to educate core values that are going to make you reach your full potential and help you live your life to the fullest. We teach positive choices, attitude and actions to inspire and empower individuals to unleash their passion and awaken their soul, to CREATE their purpose and move forward to reach extraordinary heights.

Educate, Inspire, Empower & Encourage

The BRIDGE To A Greater Evolution

AIM Attitude is an educational and inspirational lifestyle brand. The company is focused on the Philosophy Of Life to help emotional development and mental growth. It is founded on a series of core beliefs that fortify mankind’s propensity for good. AIM Attitude utilizes the power of positive choice and positive action to encourage and empower individuals to keep going and to believe in their aim. Our primary objective is to help individuals create and build self-respect through choosing to care for oneself and others. We want to address and solve mental and emotional quandaries, by providing support and educating individuals in the ways of the “HOW.” In addition, we look to educate individuals about the power of positive choices and actions, which can help maintain strong and steady emotional development and mental growth, to build a strong sense of self-love, self-confidence, and self-morality to help move generations of mankind further.

The World's Most Profound Brand.

Brand with a soul

The company is currently engaged in entertainment, film, television, animation, game development, and fashion. We design, manufacture, market, and sell footwear, apparel, and accessories using the latest and the finest quality and premium luxury products. Our products include bold, and sleek lifestyle inspired footwear, apparel, and accessories with the latest styles and trends to cater to all consumers. All of our products are designed to “steer” and “act,” going from complicated to simple.

Grandeur At Its Finest.

AIM ATTITUDE teaches people how to realize and appreciate their self-worth, and the basic, but key points which help us as humans to grow and create our dreams, achieve our goals, and move forward to reach extraordinary heights.
Humans were never created to live in isolation; AIM ATTITUDE provides the medium for us to gain a better knowledge about ourselves so that we can build worthwhile relationships with other people and the world. We strongly believe that relationships and interactions are some of the core essentials of human existence. AIM Attitude is a direction to a positive way of life and a guide to a healthy mental and emotional well-being.

Culture Of Self-Respect

Passion Meets Respect

AIM is geared to create awareness in helping the new generations to build the confidence to bring out the best in themselves so that they are well equipped to face life head on. We pass on a legacy to help others understand themselves and enjoy their life to the fullest. AIM teaches those to adjust, and adapt to change and overcome everyday obstacles, while maintaining healthy personal development. In addition, AIM teaches those to take absolute responsibility for one’s actions and life, for the ultimate good of all mankind.

Our Shoes

Artisan Shoe Construction Methods: There are three basic methods of shoe construction: cementing, blake welting, and goodyear welting. We use both, Blake and Original Goodyear production methods. Each of them has its advantages, and defines how the sole is attached to the upper.


We are global. From New York City to the Carolinas, to Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and always with the utmost care for quality, regulations and human rights.

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